As a Planetarium Manager, I struggled to find fulldome films I wanted to license. Too often, beautiful films would have problems with the script, especially where these had been tranlated into English. Education was the key aim, and visuals can never balance out poorly-communicated science or culturally inappropriate language. It is a pleasure to help overcome these issues to achieve the producer's original vision, emotion, and objectives. I can also help with planning educational objectives and how best to weave these into the story.

  • Content - educational objectives, key concepts and introduction of new language. Is there anything that would be problematic - for example religious or gender issues?

  • Communication - there is a big difference between stating concepts clearly and teaching them. You need to construct a route for the audience to construct their new understanding. It's vital to consider prior knowledge, misconceptions, cultural references, and the target age-group’s ability to construct mental models.

  • Language - writing for clarity while matching the desired emotion/style. Is the show serious or fun? Is the narrator a teacher or a friend? Is it a lecture? Or poetic? Story-like? How do you want the audience to feel?

  • Recording - ensuring the script is performed to achieve its aims. Jargon words are clear and correctly pronounced, emphasis aids communication of concepts, and emotion is suitable for the visuals. I have fourteen years' experience of live show delivery in the dome.

Unfortunately there are things we just wouldn’t say at all in English which exist in other language. Or simply in English things are said in a completely different manner. And so if you do a translation you are “polluted” by original way of thinking. It is even harder because the translator is not a subject matter expert, nor the science communicator. So he doesn’t really know how things are usually named, how they are explained. He also may not be aware of cultural or educational bits that are presently in the spotlight and people are sensitive to.
— Maciej Ligowski (Creative Planet; Dream to Fly, Explore)